I'm Teresa Neuhaus - a yoga teacher, women's lifestyle + stress-resiliency coach, and champion for extraordinary living.

In a nutshell: I'm like the girlfriend you call when you want it straight up with a heaping dose of love {and a side of spicy Indian food}.

Ever catch yourself...
:: feeling stuck or indecisive about which direction you want your life to take?
:: comparing yourself to others + wishing you would more like them?
:: thinking "There has to be MORE"?
:: feeling anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed when it comes to your job?
:: wishing you could let go of your mental to-do list, take a deeeep breath, and TOTALLY unwind, for once in your life?

You get that something has to give, but you're scared to take a leap of faith.

So imagine...
:: working with someone who not only sees your greatness, but also helps you pinpoint where you might be sabotaging your chances for success, freedom, and happiness.
:: having someone to keep you accountable + offer guidance whenever things get tough.
:: how GOOD it'd feel to get an outside perspective on challenging situations.
:: feeling less anxious about things . . . and more alive.

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you got." - Henry Ford

I believe there's MORE to life than going to work every day so that you can pay your bills.

That's why I'm here - to help you find out what MORE means to you.

It's time for you to show up + be your most vibrant self, so that you can start doing what really matters.

Ready to kick butt in life + work?

I'm ready to help.

Click here to get started.

P.S. If you live in the Twin Cities, MN, I'd love to see you at my next yoga class.

A Manifesto for the Passionate + Courageous

Manifesto for the Passionate + CourageousDo you write? In the past, I didn’t because I thought I wasn’t good at it. It wasn’t until I became a life coach and was about to launch a new website, did I ever consider it.

I was told to be successful you really needed a blog. I don’t believe that anymore, but at the time I thought I’d try it. When my website launched in the Spring of last year, I started writing.

Let’s just say my first few blog posts were less than stellar. A sincere, thank you, to those of you who’ve been reading from the beginning.

I feel like the more I practice, the better I become.  I’m sure I should have an editor for my excessive comma usage and mis-spelled words, but I’m sure I’ll work that out. I’ve jumped into the writing pool and I’m going to keep paddling. Just like the first blog posts I wrote, I’m sure this one will become less than stellar, as I improve.

My goal has been to write one blog post a month, since my website launch. I’m happy to say over a year later, I’ve never missed month.

Why do I still write? It challenges me and provokes ideas. What I didn’t realize would happen is it helps to clear my mind. It helps get thoughts and feelings out, but also helps me reflect on the past, which is healing.

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