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What I Learned In A Week Of Silence: Let Go To Receive {Part 3}

Business_BlogPath3As I was slowly walking towards the labyrinth it happened. Oh no, was the first thought that came into my mind. Wetness, I could feel it. The outside of my right leg felt wet which only meant one thing. My water bottle opened up inside the small bag I was carrying.

I knew Izzy {I named my iPhone, Izzy} was in there, but it was secure in a zipped plastic bag. When I opened my bag, water poured out. Eek! My journal was a little wet, a poem my husband wrote for me and left me to find was completely drenched, and I forgot to zip the bag Izzy was in. BIG mistake.

I ran back to my room, grabbed a towel and took off Izzy’s protective case. There was water everywhere. I wiped it all off and it seemed to be working fine. Yay, that was a close call.

I decided not to wear my watch this year, so I would feel less time bound and free. Izzy was the only connection to time I had.

After Izzy was free of water, I put her into the bag and zipped it – making sure this time. Now, I could walk the labyrinth. Off I go.

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